Yasuko Furuta created the brand TOGA in 1997. TOGA originates from the Greek word meaning “draped clothes”.

Graduate of Esmod Paris, Yasuko Furuta is a self-taught designer, who made a name for herself in Japan, where she worked as a freelance costume and fashion stylist.

Her first collection, presented in a showroom in 1997, caught the attention of many buyers and journalists. She held her first fashion show in 2001 during the Tokyo Fashion Week for the Autumn-Winter Collections 01-02.

Distinguished by its exclusive fabrics research and experimental volumes, the TOGA silhouette is urban, deconstructed and avant-garde.

In 2003, TOGA was awarded the Mainichi Fashion Awards for its Autumn-Winter 03-04 collection.

In 2004, TOGA opened its first boutique in the Ebisu district of Tokyo.

Today, TOGA has over 30 shops all around the world. It is this commercial success that convinced Yasuko to present her 2006 Spring-Summer Collection in Paris during the Paris Women's Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Week.